Julie Marie Wade “Portrait of the Sister as Phantom Limb”

How she was, at once, always in attendance & always lost,
answering to different names—Kelly, Alexis, Jennifer, Jane
evoking strangely contradictory dispositions . . .

Peter Waterhouse (translated by Iain Galbraith) “Zakid’s Delicatessen, Bremen”

The apple tree hangs full of issues
my child has issues
and I have them, such issues
huge problems, or pompoms
hard problems dead persons and field flowers . . .


“Crooners” by Ron Carlson

If you play baseball, you know about sportsmanship. Baseball is a game of lines and rules and you allow the home team to have the last ups and after the last out in the ninth inning you file by the opposing team in the infield, win or lose . . .


“All the Fierce Tethers” by Lia Purpura

I used to think “how sad,” maybe even “how pathetic,” our small lives in houses or apartments, with children or not, and each morning everyone putting on clothes, working their jobs . . .

Artwork by Laura Bell