“Necessary Violence” by Louise Aronson

This is what I remember: It is late June or early July of 1992. I am a new doctor in the emergency department at San Francisco General Hospital, standing in a chaos of crash carts and swarming, shouting men and women in green scrubs. The trauma room is rectangular, windowless, and whitewashed in bright, artificial light. Life support equipment occupies one long wall . . .


“Havoc” by Eric McMillan

People forget what a tremendous success the invasion was. It took twenty-one days from the time we crossed the berm in Kuwait until the regime collapsed in Baghdad. Just twenty-one days. On the big push north, most of the Iraqis we met were grateful. People forget that too . . .


“After the Pulse Orlando Shooting, My Wife Asks if We Can Eat at Chick-fil-A” by Caroline M. Mar

We don’t know yet each name for each body,
but know precisely two: one shooter, one friend-
of-friends, an old tie from your old life
and my old life, before it was our one life—
Look, look at our lives. Who would not cry
at the messes we make? Which we are we, right now;

“Insofar” by Sarah Gridley

as the golden larch grows out another spring,
insofar as the needles look gold or copper

with the close of the growing season—and fall
like the milk teeth of a mammal, deciduous,

insofar as deciduous is what falls down or off, really
what is cut off . . .

Artwork by Sabra Field