New Books by NER Writers: Ex-Boyfriend on Aisle 6

“Susan Jackson Rodgers is always right about how life feels. One after another of her extremely different characters—some familiar, some hilariously strange—seems to have been written from within.”
—Alice Mattison, author of When We Argued All Night

“Susan Jackson Rodgers examines the ordinary to extraordinary effect; brings us to the precipice of disaster again and again; then flips our expectations in ways authentic and entirely unpredictable, exposing our mortal wounds, big, small, terrifying, true…”
—Dinah Lenney, author of Bigger Than Life: A Murder, A Memoir

A story from this collection, “Outside,” appeared in NER 27.4.

Ex-Boyfriend on Aisle Six can be purchased from Press 53 or from Powell’s and other booksellers.