New Books from NER Translators: The Arsonist

Nunes_Vais,_Mario_(1856-1932),_Aldo_PalazzeschiFrom the publisher: “Poetry. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Italian by Nicholas Benson. Palazzeschi’s radical, detached individualism, at its height in The Arsonist, produces poems that retain the paradoxically affectionate, satirical quality of burlesque. The volume is comprised of twenty-two dramatic, parodic narrative allegories of contemporary bourgeois life, which the poet depicts as timid, shallow, selfish, and squalid. This vision is rendered in colloquial free verse that places the reader, hypocrite lecteur, alongside the bourgeois poet become exemplary gadabout, boulevardier, and armchair provocateur—master of ceremonies at a carnival show.”

Nicholas Benson’s translations of other works by Palazzeschi have appeared in New England Review most recently in issues 27.2. Translations of other Italian authors have most recently appeared in New England Review issues 32.3 and 23.2.

The Arsonist is available at Small Press Distribution and other booksellers.