Volume 32, Number 3 / 2011

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JENNIFER GROTZ    Snowflakes / The Fog  / The Forest
JORDAN DAVIS     From the Twentieth Floor / Ha Ha Only Serious
CHELSEA RATHBURN     Among the Animals
SUSAN RICH     The World to Come
CATE MARVIN    The Apparition / A Catalogue of Lures
JAMES MAY     The Reddened Flower, the Erotic Bird / Natural Grief
THEODORE DEPPE     Elegy with a Stopped Knife in It, for Larry Levis
MICHAEL COLLIER     In Certain Situations I’m Very Much Against Bird Song
NATASHA TRETHEWEY     Dr. Samuel Adolphus Cartwright on Dissecting the White Negro, 1851
DAVID HERNANDEZ     Sincerely, Blue Blood
ROBERT BEVERLEY RAY     Don’t Know About You
MAURA HIGH     Embroidered Field / Passing

SCOTT SOUTHWICK    Time Keeps on Slipping, etc.
CAROL KEELEY     Confession, with Wolves
SANDRA LEONG     Manga Dolls on Skype
MICHAEL COFFEY     I Thought You Were Dale
JAMES MAGRUDER     Matthew Aiken’s Vie Bohème
ANNE RAEFF     Keeping an Eye on Jakobson
C. P. BOYKO     Malcolm Gawfler

Literary Lives
MICHAEL MILBURN     My Brother, the Writer

SCIPIO SLATAPER     A Youth in the Karst
(translated by Nicholas Benson)

AMY BENSON     Other Places

Cultural History
CHARLES HOLDEFER     Orwell’s Hippopotamus, or The Writer as Historical Anachronism
FRANK M. MEOLA     Emerson Between Faith and Doubt

JOSHUA HARMON     Speculative Markets and the 7-Inch Single

ISABELLA BIRD BISHOP     On Board the Nevada, Bound for Hawaii

Contributors’ Notes

Cover Artist: Roger Camp