New Books from NER Authors: The Boss by Victoria Chang

bossNER contributor Victoria Chang has published The Boss, a new collection in the McSweeney’s Poetry Series.

From Ilya Kaminsky: “To say simply that Chang takes the Modernist’s music and makes it new again, makes it alive, is to say only half-truth, for she truly reinhabits it, re-kindles the flame. This radically new music is political, yes, but it is also ecstatic. It sees how ‘everything [is] green everything grown and aglow.’ And after each firework or verbal surprise or beautiful pyrotechnics comes flame of recognition. Each reader will find her own revelation in this rich collection, some will find fire, others healing, others ecstatic abandon. I, for one, found music.”

Victoria Chang‘s first poetry collection, Circle, won the Crab Orchard Review Open Competition Award. Her second book, Salvinia Molesta, was published by the University of Georgia Press as part of the VQR Poetry Series in 2008. She has also edited an anthology, Asian American Poetry: The Next Generation. She lives in Southern California and works in business. Her work has appeared in several issues of NER (23.224.3, 25.3, and 33.1).

The Boss is available from Powell’s and other booksellers.

Surely You Know

Victoria Chang’s poem “Yang Gui-Fei” appeared in NER 25.3:

Surely you know I will rule your besieged kingdom in the afterlife,
build the rivers so they flow into a great bath,

populate the land with plum trees, foliate the skies
with golden birds.

Once I was more than a woman, more than a gold hair-pin,
more than three thousand bathing concubines.

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The man could have a heart

Edward Hopper’s Office in a Small City (left), captures an American moment of mystery and isolation.

In the current issue of NER, poet Victoria Chang meditates on Hopper’s painting.

An excerpt:

The man could be the boss or could have a boss the man could have a
heart or could not have a heart the man is not working should be working

should be making profits not in fits but constantly the man looks out over
the yellow building over everything he must be the boss must be someone

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