New Books from NER Authors: The Next Scott Nadelson

Scott Nadelson’s new collection of autobiographical essays, The Next Scott Nadelson: A Life in Progress, has been released by Hawthorne Books. From the publisher:

“Exploring episodes from the life of its author/narrator marked by failure, suffering, and hope, as well as literary and cultural influence, the book weighs the things that make us want to give up against the things that keep us going. Though many of the pieces are comic and self-deprecating—some self-lacerating—they are above all meditations on the nature of the self and the way it can be constructed through memory, desire, and the imagination. Together they form a larger narrative, a search for fulfillment and identity in a life often governed by fear.”

Scott Nadelson is the author of three story collections, including Aftermath and The Cantor’s Daughter. A winner of the Oregon Book Award for short fiction, the Reform Judaism Fiction Prize, and the Great Lakes Colleges New Writers Award, he teaches creative writing at Willamette University and in the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA Program at Pacific Lutheran University. He lives in Salem, Oregon.

His reflection “The Odessa Writing Course” appeared in NER in 2011 (31.4) and his essay “On Dennis Oppenheim” was featured in the NER Digital series.

The Next Scott Nadelson is available from Hawthorne Books and other booksellers.