n+1 at Middlebury

On Thursday 21 March at 4:30 PM, three editors from the literary magazine n+1, Carla Blumenkranz, Elizabeth Gumport, and Dayna Tortorici, will be at Middlebury College to discuss the trials and tribulations of making a living as a writer, the role of the literary magazine in today’s world, and the nature of current intellectual dialogue in the United States. The presentation will take place in the Orchard Room, Hillcrest 103. This event is sponsored by the new student literary magazine Room 404.


Middlebury College Students Launch “Room 404”

Room 404image, an interdisciplinary magazine with an emphasis on design, will release its first print issue this week. Conceived, edited, and designed by current Middlebury students, this magazine features “projects that don’t quite fit in any other publications at Middlebury,” according to Moss Turpan, who co-edits the magazine with Dylan Redford.

“The first issue,” Turpan says, “includes a series of logos for things that don’t need logos, a piece about using art as a tool for processing academic ideas (accompanied by a series of illustrations telling the tale of ancient Greek history), and an essay on the way the aesthetics of dorm rooms affect one’s life.”

Room 404 collaborates with its contributors, who come up with rough ideas for projects and develop them with the magazine’s managing board.

Free copies of the first issue are available by emailing room404@middlebury.edu. A release party is scheduled on campus for Wednesday, January 16, at 8 p.m.

Room 404 Release from ROOM 404 on Vimeo.