January Books from NER Authors

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.04.02 AMYou’ll want to re-read the final chapters more than once, delighted anew each time by how well Cantor speaks our language. —Kirkus Review

We congratulate NER contributor Rachel Cantor on the release of her second novel Good on Paper (Melville House, 2016). Her work appeared in NER 20.4, 23.3, 24.4, and 29.4

Jim Crace, IMPAC award winning author of Harvest, says of Good on Paper: “It is a vivacious, potent blend of the touching and the erudite, the garrulous and the thoughtful, the playful and the tender.”

Cantor is also the author of A Highly Unlikely Scenario (Melville Books, 2014). Her fiction has appeared in Paris Review, Kenyon Review, Fence, One Story, and other publications. Her work has been nominated for three Pushcart Prizes and shortlisted for both the O. Henry Awards and Best American Short Stories.

Good on Paper is available from Melville Books and independent booksellers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.30.37 AMQuiet and languorous, sweeping steadily and inexorably along like a curtain of drifting snow identified too late as an avalanche. —Publishers Weekly

The chilling Travelers Rest (Little, Brown, 2016) is NER contributor Keith Lee Morris‘s third novel. His fiction appeared in NER 23.1, 23.4, 24.4, 26.2 and 28.4.

Kirkus Review wrote of Travelers Rest: “The novel gradually proves itself weighty, suspenseful, and even wistful.”

Morris is also the author of The Greyhound God (University of Nevada Press, 2003) and The Dart King (Tin House Books, 2008), as well as two collections of short stories. He is an associate professor of English and Creative Writing at Clemson University.

Travelers Rest is available from Powell’s Books and other independent booksellers.


51Ik1tOr31L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_NER is pleased to announce that Oleg Kashin‘s Fardwor, Russia! A Fantastical Tale of Life Under Putin, translated into English by Will Evans, is now available from Restless Books. Excerpts from this political satire appeared in NER 34.3-4.

Oleg Kashin is a Russian journalist and political activist who gained notoriety in November 2010 when he was beaten nearly to death by unknown assailants, in an attack likely politically motivated by his reporting. It came two months after he had delivered the manuscript of his satirical Fardwar, Russia!, which takes on the absurdity and corruption at the heart of Russian political life in the Putin era. The attack has prompted protests and international media coverage but, with cruel irony, the corruption Kashin skewered has been proven by the refusal of the authorities to bring his attackers to justice.

Get your copy from Restless Books or your independent bookseller.


Congratulations to Katrina Roberts on her new anthology, Because You Asked, which includes insights on the writing life from dozens of writers, among them NER contributors Kazim Ali, Jericho Brown, Paisley Rekdal, Brenda Shaughnessy, and Oliver de la Paz.

From the publisher: Katrina Roberts’s Because You Asked is an anthology that brings together anecdotes, approaches, aspirations, confessions, warnings, challenges, passions, foibles, secrets, prompts, craft notes, manifestos—that is, perspectives from writers, their insights and revelations shared often during “Q & A sessions” with young—or simply young-at-heart—writers and readers.

Katrina Roberts has published four books of poems: Underdog, Friendly Fire, The Quick, and How Late Desire Looks. She is the Mina Schwabacher Professor in English and the Humanities at Whitman College, where she directs the Visiting Writers Reading Series.

Her work appeared in NER 36.2 and 25.3. Because You Asked is available at Lost Horse Press and other booksellers.

Bohince.SWALLOWS-AND-WAVESPaula Bohince’s empathic lyrics based on Japanese scroll paintings and wood prints demonstrate “how attention and technique coalesce / into art.” —Edward Hirsch

Congratulations to Paula Bohince on the publication of her new poetry collection, Swallows and Waves. Bohince’s work has appeared previously in NER volume 31.4.

From the publisher: Paula Bohince draws from a palette of Japanese scroll paintings and woodblock prints created centuries ago. Looking deeply into images of birds, animals, flowers, mothers, soldiers, and lovers, she returns with poems that risk everything in their transformation, reflecting loneliness and eros, doubt and reassurance.

Swallows and Waves is is Bohince’s third collection and is available through Sarabande Books and other bookstores. Her earlier publications, Children and Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods, are available through Powell’s.




New Books from NER Authors: Rachel Cantor

“Rife with deadpan humor and memorable characters”

Rachel Cantor’s new novel, A Highly Unlikely Scenario, has been published by Melville House.

A Highly Unlikely Scenario cover photoFrom the New York Times: “By layering the ridiculous inventions of her mind with the ridiculous facts of the world, Cantor creates a novel about being incredulous and certain at the same time, about listening without judgment, about acting on faith . . . A dystopian satire; a story about ­storytelling, believing and listening—A Highly Unlikely Scenario is ultimately a history of our own strange world.”

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Rife with deadpan humor and memorable characters mixed with time travel and supernatural powers, Cantor suspends disbelief and creates a loony world entirely of her own, which is terrifically funny and effortlessly enjoyable.”

Rachel Cantor’s stories have appeared in Paris ReviewKenyon ReviewFence, and other publications. Her fiction has been featured in several issues of NER (20.4, 23.3, 24.4, and 29.4).

A Highly Unlikely Scenario is available from Melville House and other independent booksellers.