Vol. 20, No. 1 (1999)

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DEBORA GREGER  Head, Perhaps of an Angel  /  The Girl on the Aqueduct
SÁNDOR CSOÓRI  The Citizen of the Garden  /  Not Even Poets (translated by Len Roberts and Mária Szende)
MARK IRWIN  A Magic Mountain
BRIAN SWANN  The Power of the Name
SUSAN CONLEY  States of Matter
JENNIFER ATKINSON  Dry Ghazal  /  Ghazal from the Drowned City: Lines Written under the Gilt and Glass Mosaic Dome of All-Saints Church  /  Another Ghazal from the Drowned City
CHRISTIAN NAGLE  Frog  /  For Shylock
REGINALD SHEPHERD  The Invention of Longitude
ERIC PANKEY  The Unstrung Lyre  /  See That My Grave is Swept Clean

TRUDY LEWIS  The Bones of Garbo
CHRISTOPHER SHAW  Winds of Tehuantepec
PHILIP BARUTH  Nancy & Tonya & the Long Hard Rain
JOANN KOBIN  Dr. Leopold on the Loose
GEORGE SINGLETON  Jesus of Nazareth
DWIGHT ALLEN  Among the Missing

SACVAN BERCOVITCH  What’s Funny About Huckleberry Finn

Performance Pieces
JONATHAN LEVY  Harvard Square

MICHAEL MILBURN  The Muse of Medication
ANDREW HUDGINS  Alabama Breakdown

JUSTIN SPRING  Jackson Pollock, Superstar

Letters from Abroad
ALLISON STANGER  Living in Prauge: A Letter

WALTER DE LA MARE  Rupert Brooke and the Intellectual Imagination

Contributors’ Notes

COVER ART: Tod Gunter

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