Vol. 26, No. 4 (2005)

Volume 26, Number 4 / 2005

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RON DE MARIS   Parrot Fish / The Owl of Sleep
DOUGLAS GOETSCH   Why the World Is Yours
WILLIAM LOGAN   On the Prairie
KEVIN PRUFER   Playground /   Leukotomy
PAISLEY REKDAL   Poisons /   Cherry
MARK RUDMAN   Sons and Lovers Recovered!
MARK BIBBINS   Brightening Elsewhere
MICHAEL COLLIER   About the Moth
LAURA KASISCHKE   Miss Congeniality /   At Gettysburg /   Elegy /
DAVID WOO   On Failing to Write a Poem Against the War

NORMAN LOCK   The Captain Is Sleeping
CASTLE FREEMAN, JR.   Driving Around
JAN ELLISON   The Company of Men
F. D. REEVE   The Lady with the Red Car
SHEILA HEIT   Ticknor, Beginning
ALYCE MILLER   Aftershock

ABOLQASEM FERDOWSI   The Legend of Seyavash (translated by Dick Davis)

Literary Lives
FREDERICK BROWN   Flaubert Comes of Age

ROBIN BLAETZ   In the Absence of Marjorie Keller

Reader’s Notebook
ROB HARDY   Theodore Roosevelt and the Masculine/Feminine Complex

MICHAEL WOOD   Notes on Candide

FRANZ BOAS   The Mental Attitude of the Educated Classes


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