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  1. Megan Staffel says:

    Thanks for your comment, Bethany. The inspiration for the story, Teritium Quid, came from an image in a painting I saw by a contemporary painter named Nora Slade. It was a painting with loose, drippy brilliant colors and the pinkish/blue face of a short, piggy looking male character. I had wanted to write about how a sexual relationship changes in the course of a long marriage and that figure suggested a way to do it.

  2. Bethany Pare says:

    Hello Megan,
    I just read your short story “Tertuim Quid” and am writing a paper on it and would like to ask you a few questions. Where did you get the inspiration for this story? It seems as though a lot of times older people forget that they were once in love before they had kids and got married. Also, where did the title of the story come from? I really enjoyed reading this story because it is very realistic!