New Books from NER Authors: Elegy Owed by Bob Hicok

1501_lgNER contributor Bob Hicok has published a new collection of poems, Elegy Owed. From the publisher: “When asked in an interview with Gulf Coast, ‘What would Bob Hicok launch from a giant sling shot?’ he answered, ‘Bob Hicok.’ Elegy Owed, Hicok’s eighth book, is an existential game of Twister in which the rules of mourning are broken and salvaged, and ‘you can never step into the same not going home again twice.’ His poems are the messenger at the door, the unwanted telegram—telling a joke, imparting a depth of longing, returning us finally to a different kind of normality where ‘the dead have no ears, no answering machines / that we know of, still we call.'”

Bob Hicok’s poetry has appeared numerous times in NER, most recently in 31.1, 29.2, and 27.1.

Elegy Owed is available at Copper Canyon Press and other booksellers.

New Books from NER Authors: Wreck Me by Sally Ball

wreck_me_coverFrom the jacket copy of Sally Ball’s new book of poems:

Wreck Me is a primer of emotional violence—a primer because, as these unassumingly gorgeous poems know so well, we can only be beginners when we confront our wish to be seized, transported, remade….’We love / that ravishment,’ says Sally Ball of what we simultaneously fear and crave, ‘we trust it.’ These poems are ravishing.”
-James Longenbach

“Wreck Me is an entrancing collection. From the first line to the last, we are tugged into a sensibility and a world as familiar as our own world, and as strange. Sally Ball leaves no line unelectrified. Each poem feels finely wrought and completely newborn, which is exactly the point of poetry.”
-Laura Kasischke

Sally Ball is author of two poetry collections, including Annus Mirabilis (2005). Currently, she is an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University and associate director of Four Way Books. Her poem “Tributary” appeared in NER issue 29.2.

Wreck Me is available at Barrow Street Press and other booksellers.

New Books from NER Authors: I Was Thinking of Beauty

lea450Sydney Lea, a founding Editor of NER, has published a new poetry collection. From Four Way Books: “It’s been said about conservationist and Vermont Poet Laureate Sydney Lea that ‘this extraordinary poet finds an elegance and beauty that can be glimpsed throughout his often harsh landscape.’ I Was Thinking of Beauty, his eleventh collection of poems, evidences that skill. In this collection, we follow a speaker who no longer feels he can ‘distinguish regret from knowledge, / accountability from sorrow,’ as he wades through the layers of memory and experience: ‘I was thinking of beauty then, how it’s faced grief since the day / that somebody named it.’ Lea’s keen narrative eye keeps us fully in the present as he reminisces on a past—which Lea unravels, chisels away at in search of a deeper understanding—so vivid it could be our own.”

Sydney Lea is the co-founder of New England Review and has appeared numerous times in NER, most recently in its current issue, 33.4.

I Was Thinking of Beauty is available at Four Way Books and other booksellers.


New Translations by NER Writers: When We Leave Each Other

large_When_We_Leave-front Henrik Nordbrandt’s When We Leave Each Other has been translated by NER contributor Patrick Phillips. From the publisher: “Although most of his life has been spent abroad in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, Henrik Nordbrandt has simultaneously and undeniably emerged, next to Inger Christensen, as one of Denmark’s very best contemporary poets. If it was Paul Celan who first claimed that poetry was ‘a message in a bottle, sent out in the—not always greatly hopeful—belief that somewhere and sometime it could wash up on land, on heartland perhaps,’ it is nevertheless Nordbrandt’s unusually intimate poems that enact this unforgettably, as well as his persistent subjects: the joys and strangeness of travel, the tragicomic absurdity of our attempts to make sense of the world, and above all, the sweetness and ache of human love. Highlighting his entire career, the poems in When We Leave Each Other include a generous selection of recent and never-before-translated work into English that is certain to establish Nordbrandt as an essential contemporary lyric poet for American readers.”

Translator Patrick Phillips contributed to New England Review most recently in issues 33.2 and 32.2.

When We Leave Each Other is available at Open Letter Books and other book sellers.

New Books from NER Translators: The Arsonist

Nunes_Vais,_Mario_(1856-1932),_Aldo_PalazzeschiFrom the publisher: “Poetry. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Italian by Nicholas Benson. Palazzeschi’s radical, detached individualism, at its height in The Arsonist, produces poems that retain the paradoxically affectionate, satirical quality of burlesque. The volume is comprised of twenty-two dramatic, parodic narrative allegories of contemporary bourgeois life, which the poet depicts as timid, shallow, selfish, and squalid. This vision is rendered in colloquial free verse that places the reader, hypocrite lecteur, alongside the bourgeois poet become exemplary gadabout, boulevardier, and armchair provocateur—master of ceremonies at a carnival show.”

Nicholas Benson’s translations of other works by Palazzeschi have appeared in New England Review most recently in issues 27.2. Translations of other Italian authors have most recently appeared in New England Review issues 32.3 and 23.2.

The Arsonist is available at Small Press Distribution and other booksellers.