Announcing the new NER: Vol. 34, #2

The new issue of New England Review has just shipped from the printer, and a preview is available here on our website. The issue features new poems by Mark Bibbins, Cody Heartz, Laura Kasischke, Dana Levin, Ross White, and David Wojahn, as well as new fiction by Stephen Dixon, Amanda Haag, Caitlin Hayes, Lindsay Hill, T. L. Khleif, Norman Lock, Emily Mitchell, and Megan Staffel.

Also, Seamus Heaney translates a sonnet on Rome by Joachim du Bellay, with comments by Paul Muldoon. Ellen Hinsey examines Putin’s crackdown on freedom of the press and political opposition in Russia, and Marian Crotty spends New Year’s Eve in Dubai with Flo-Rida. George Monteiro almost meets Elizabeth Bishop; Peter Plagens takes a look at Eric Fischl’s recent art world memoir; Richard Tillinghast compares architectural clues from Tipperary and Venice; and Greg Vitercik listens closely to Britten’s last major work. In “Rediscoveries,” the personal valet of Napoleon Bonaparte recalls one of his master’s most vivid nightmares. On the cover is a painting by Margaret Withers.

We dedicate this issue to long-time NER contributor F. D. Reeve (1928–2013), poet, fiction writer, and cultural interpreter.

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